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Yard Sale Archery - Starting Archery / Bowhunting Doesn't Have To Be Difficult Or Expensive

Looking to get into archery but the price of equipment is making it seem impossible to start? Luckily, despite manufacturer advertisement, you don't need the latest and greatest to get started.

What To Know

The main requirement to get off on a good foot starting archery is to get a bow that fits you. You must have a bow set to the proper draw length to avoid poor form, bad habits and even dangerous situations. This is simple enough to find out. Nock On explains it well, here . Most bows have a sticker on the limb stating the draw length so you can pick one up and know that it will fit you, once you are measured. Of course you can take it to a shop and have them double check. More on that in a moment.

The second most important requirement is to have a draw weight that is manageable for you. Most states have a minimum hunting draw weight of 40lbs. You can go up from there but make sure you can draw the bow flat without raising your front arm and heaving back on the string to accomplish full draw. Never draw a bow without an arrow and always aim it in a safe direction. The sky is not a safe direction.

There is a lot to learn to begin archery and to many that can be overwhelming. However, there is a wealth of good information online from archery coaches like John Dudley. If you have a shop local to you, most have no problem getting you straightened out with the hopes that if the hobby turns into a passion you will become a long term customer. Most archery shop managers are not pushy salesman. Let them know you just want to learn and you won't have to be concerned about being a newbie or getting railroaded into a new bow. They are there to help!

It Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

After talking with a shop and learning the proper draw length and weight for you, you can start shopping. You don't have to start with a $2000 bow, and as a matter of fact I recommend you don't. Find out what it's all about and how much you like it with a cheap bow to begin with. You'll grow as an archer over time and then can make a more informed decision on the bigger purchases. Good used bows can be found for $100 or less at shops, yard sales or your in-laws closet. Just make sure it is checked over by an advanced archer or shop before shooting it and get good advice on the associated gear you need to start. It's not as tall of a mountain as you may assume! For instance, below is a video of a deer hunt from 2020 where I was able to take a doe with a bow from the 70's and arrows from the early 90's. Proof that it doesn't take a trust fund to start target shooting or hunting! Good luck to you!

Link to my vintage archery playlist.

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