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Forget The Social Highlight Reel - Turkey Hunting FAILURE

Social media is often described as a highlight reel. Most people's pages are full of perfect photos, smiling faces and motivational moments. Rarely does someone voluntarily provide you with their raw shit show of failure and emotion... despite it being a very real thing that everyone deals with.

This is not to bash the highlight reel culture. I too, enjoy showing off the wonderful and positive things in my life. As a hunter I want nothing more than to get the opportunity to show off a trophy photo. Let's not forget, every photo, video and article is subject to the wrath of those who disagree with our lifestyle. This means that positive and responsible hunting practice should be what is offered to the public. It is irresponsible to show poor shots, poor judgement and ultimately fuel to those who have already branded hunters as irresponsible and dim witted Fudds.

With all of that said, hunting is hard. It rarely goes perfectly, and everyone has negative encounters that they wish they could mulligan. I thought it only fair to share this video of me taking an absolutely perfect morning and one of the most beautiful wild turkey encounters I have had and turning it into a foul mouthed rant about my own ineptitude.

Use my short coming as an example of what not to do. Lesson learned... the show goes on!

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