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Nuisance Rodent Control... With Night Vision

I recently came across a farmer with a terrible rat problem in his chicken coops. Of course I recommended he remove unnecessary feed and water to slow their attempt to breed and spread, but I figured this would be the best method to speed up the rat control. This set up works particularly well for rodents, but could also be used for many situations where wildlife has infringed upon the health and safety of humans and livestock.

As a conservation minded outdoorsman I always try to solve a wildlife issue with exclusionary measures but sometimes it takes a little more hands on approach to remove crop damaging raccoons and groundhogs, or sanitary threats such as rats and pigeons. Remember to do your homework on hunting seasons and regulations or contact a licensed wildlife nuisance permit holder to avoid any legal issues associated with nuisance wildlife control.

If you are an Illinois resident and are having an issue, you may contact me at for help, as I hold an Illinois Class A Nuisance Wildlife Permit.

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