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Local 3D Archery - Here's How To Rebound A Dying Club (Video)

When it comes to 3D, one of the things I've mentioned in previous articles and videos is that you always walk away with friends. Last weekend I drug the cameras out to show you what a weekend at Wolf Run Bowhunters was like. It's less of an archery tournament and more of a monthly reunion.

I have been to some clubs where everyone sticks to themselves and just drudges through the course. First, that is rare. However, if you find yourself at a course like that, light the fire with some conversations amongst the groups. If you run one of those clubs, get your ass out of the clubhouse and go build some relationships. Wolf Run was like that only a few short years ago and now it's the best local club in the state of Illinois! I may be biased ;)

If your club is dying you haven't made it fun enough. It's more than launching arrows, it's an event! I hope you enjoy the video , and even more importantly I hope it motivates you to head to your local 3D club for their next shoot.


Drone Footage - DJI Mavic Air 2

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