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Hunt All Day During The Rut... Really, Do It!

Until recently, I lacked the patience to park in a tree for twelve hours, despite the positive testimonials I've read and heard from many whitetail fanatics. This past fall, I had a change of heart and decided to simply expect a dark to dark sit for all of my November vacation.

Pack some some snacks, water, coffee, a book and a power bank for the nearly essential iPhone. Clothing choices must be made intelligently, with an emphasis on temperature regulation by layers. Get too cold or too hot and you'll be tempted to leave early. With all of these things accounted for and properly executed the long sit is actually quite pleasant, giving your mind an opportunity to reset as you spend a full day in the tree.

After making these changes, I was able to fill both of my Illinois buck tags on all day sits. The first, at last light at the end of the day. I believe the lack of a walk in and out through sensitive timber saved this hunt. The second, a 168 inch giant, cruised by between does in textbook fashion.

If you have been writing off all day sits in November until now, you may reconsider! I know my mind has been changed forever!

Here are the two all day sits mentioned above, that resulted in both 2020 buck tags being filled:

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