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Get Kids Out Of The House | Spring Is The Best Time To Introduce Kids To The Outdoor Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

It's almost time for Spring Break! This year's school schedule is a little different than year's past with remote learning and online classes for many young ones. These changes have forced isolation from peers and caused kids to spend even more time on a tablet or other electronic screen. Make the most of their time off for Spring Break and maybe even sneak in some "real world education" on remote learning days by getting them outdoors and experiencing the outdoor lifestyle.

Why Spring Is The Perfect Time

After a long winter it's easy for young and old alike to experience some form of cabin fever. While some states may not experience bitter cold it's still a time of year that less activities are held, with less opportunity to get outside. Spring is a much needed break from the monotony of winter and a perfect excuse to experience some fun in the outdoors. Warm weather, spring cleaning and some sunshine equal opportunities!

What To Do

Spring Cleanup - If you own property, lease hunting ground or have access to a fishing hole, now is the time to take the kids out for spring cleanup. Winter storms have left limbs on the ground. Paper litter may have blown into your outdoor haven. Docks, bridges, gates and fences may require repair. Sure, this is "work", but drag the kids out to get some hands on experience and understand the importance of being good stewards.

Fishing - A favorite amongst kiddos is getting them into a mess of fish. If they are really young, you are sure to experience more talking and untying of Trilene bird nests than anything, but it's one of the first outdoor activities to introduce them to the world of being a sportsman/woman. An inexpensive pole and tackle and a few night crawlers are all you need, and you may create the next Bill or Bailey Dance! For extra fun, you can go out one night after a nice spring rain and latch onto a coffee can of your own night crawlers.

Youth Turkey Season- There isn't a much better opportunity for being introduced to hunting than turkey season. Nice weather makes the trip easier for a young one to handle and the ability to decoy in birds close and use a shotgun make the shot success go way up. Listening to gobbles the evening before and the ability to toss up a last minute blind to conceal movement make it a full blown learning experience, with no lack of comfort. Bonus, kids love to be the sole provider of next fall's Thanksgiving meal.

Food Plots - There's always room on the fender of a tractor for a young one. Teach them the importance of soil conditions and the process for growing plants. You never know you may grow a green thumb. Also, if they get bored there is plenty of dirt to ruin a set of clothes in.

Shooting - Whether it's a bow or a gun, this is the time of year to get some practice in before next year's hunting season. Late sunny evenings afford plenty of time for some target practice and the opening of archery and trap ranges allow for some competitive learning. It's never too early to introduce a youngster to the tools of the trade!

Camping - Smores, a campfire and a night in nature is a great refresher for kids and adults both. Spring time camping provides weather that is cool at night while avoiding the heat and humidity of summer. Who doesn't love camping!?

Time Well Spent

At the end of the day, you can always find an excuse to get a kid outdoors and familiarize them with the wide wonder of the outdoors. Springtime conditions and opportunities simply make it a little bit easier to do so, making it a prime time to make some memories. The above examples may be obvious, but this article acts to serve as a motivational reminder to make the time to invest in our youth and the future of our wildlife and habitat.

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